To make sure you live as long as possible, you have to stay active and eat the right anti-aging foods. Read on for the 8 best superfoods that can help keep you young and vibrant

There are so many foods you can eat that benefit the heart, brain, liver, and other vital organs. Another benefit that is commonly shared is the presence of antioxidants used to battle free radicals and help keep us free from disease and fight the aging process. Here are 8 delicious and nutritious foods you can add to your diet right now to add extra years to your life:

8 Super Foods To Keep You Young

Super Foods To Keep You Young

Super Foods To Keep You Young


Even though almonds are high in fat, they are a way for you to reduce the risk of getting heart disease. They effectively lower your LDL Cholesterol, often referred to as the “bad” cholesterol. Almonds have been credited with helping you feel full when they’re added to a meal, helping to gain muscle when combined with weight lifting, and helping to stave off hunger as a snack between meals. Consider using almond butter that contains only almonds if you aren’t a fan of chomping up whole nuts.

Whole Grains

Whole (unrefined) grains such as brown rice, whole wheat and oats consisting of essential minerals and vitamins offer numerous anti ageing benefits. These fibre rich complex carbohydrates apart from promoting digestive health helps stabilise blood sugar levels, lowers risk of cholesterol, cardiac related problems, stroke and gets rid of excess body fat.

Red Wine

Red wine contains an anti ageing antioxidant-element in the form of resveratrol, present in grape peels. It cuts down risk of cancer, prevents formation of blood clots, protects the capillaries and balances cholesterol levels.


Turns out there’s a lot of truth in the apple a day adage. Aside from the obvious benefits of containing fiber and helping regular digestive bacteria, apples contain polyphenols that offer an assortment of benefits. The most impressive of which is they’re able to help regulate your blood sugar levels, which can be of great use in weight loss, and help you stay focused throughout the day. To get the full benefit, consider spending a bit more for organic rather than conventional. It’s not that there’s more vitamins in an organic apple, but you’re leaving out a lot of the toxins and pesticides that get sprayed onto ordinary apples.


These are another heart-healthy fruit option, and can help out your eyes due to the high beta-carotene usually attributed to carrots. They also contain fiber and antioxidants in the form of Vitamin A. The other great quality is that they taste good, with a tart and sweet flavor that makes them a welcome addition to the range of fruits that you eat.


According to Research, fish eaters enjoy longevity with reduced mortality rates. Cold-water fish such as sardines, tuna, herring and salmon, are rich sources of omega3 fatty acids offering anticoagulant benefits. Besides these, Omega 3 fats reduce body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure, arrhythmia, inflammation prevent cardiac related diseases, prostate cancer and asthma.

Berries You Should Eat Everyday

Berries You Should Eat Everyday


Berries such as raspberries strawberries cranberries gooseberries, blackberries and Blueberries provide anti ageing benefits. The colourful berries consisting of potent antioxidant substances prevent free radical attack and subsequent ageing. Furthermore, the vitamin C element in berries, by enhancing blood circulation, bestowing the necessary salts and minerals bestow a soft smooth skin thus combating ageing.


Cashews aren’t just yummy, they can also help with heart, bone, hair and skin health. Whenever you’re dealing with nuts you’ll want to make sure you go organic and try to get them raw so you avoid the roasting process which involves added salt and more processing. You can roast them yourself quickly and easily if that’s how you prefer to eat them.